La razón por la cual la manzana no quiere que desbloqueen el ifon

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Pos yo también me lo tomaría muy personal. Ganando $18 de los verdes por cada ifon durante los 2 años de contrato, terminan ganando $431 USD. A quien le gustaría dejar de recibir una lanita así? La historia completa aquí.

AT&T appears to be paying $18 a month, on average, to Apple for each iPhone activated on its network. That adds up to $432 over a two year contract. In other words, Apple will receive $831 for each iPhone it sells. (It’s a little less for iPhones sold in AT&T stores.) He can’t tell, of course, what makes up that average. Apple may, for example, receive higher payments for customers new to AT&T or those who buy more expensive monthly plans.

Mr. Munster says he was surprised by the numbers. He previously had estimated that Apple received $6.50 a month from AT&T. A carrier will typically subsidize the price of a high-end phone by about $200, he says. With the iPhone, AT&T is spreading the payments out over time, but ultimately putting up twice the typical amount.

The numbers will be harder to figure out from here on out, because Apple has started selling iPhones in Europe, where it has presumably different arrangements with carriers in Britain, Germany and France. But Mr. Munster says he figures the payments from them will be at least as much as from AT&T. And that certainly is consistent with reports that Apple has been demanding as much as 40 percent of the monthly fees from European carriers.

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