Reconstruyen a Colossus

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Colossus fue una de las primeras computadoras programables y fue usada para desencriptar los mensajes del ejército alemán a finales de la 2a guerra mundial.

En Inglaterra se está llevando a cabo un proyecto en el que se pretende reconstruir a Colossus e inclusive probarla. Para ello un grupo de radio amateurs alemanes en Paderborn transmitirán mensajes encriptados usando el mismo mecanismo que usaba el alto mando alemán en los tiempos de la guerra.

Encriptarán 3 mensajes: díficil, muy difícil y ultra difícil.

Colossus is widely recognised as being one of the first recognisably modern digital computers and was developed to read messages sent by the German commanders during the closing years of WWII.

It was one of the first ever programmable computers and featured more than 2,000 valves and was the size of a small lorry.

The re-built Colossus will be put to work on intercepted radio messages transmitted by radio amateurs in Paderborn, Germany that have been scrambled using a Lorenz SZ42 machine – as used by the German high command in wartime.

The German participants in the code-cracking challenge will transmit three enciphered messages – one hard, one very hard and one ultra hard.

The BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones said there was a “busy and business-like” atmosphere at Bletchley as the code cracking attempts got underway.

“We’ve seen webcam video of the Germans preparing to send the first signals,” he said.

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