VW produce autos híbridos debido a presiones políticas

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En una entrevista con Wolfgang Hatz, director de motores de VW, se preguntó que si los híbridos serían los motores del futuro y esta fue su respuesta:

Hybrid technology is a very expensive way to save a small amount of fuel. The cost/benefit analysis is quite on the expensive side, but we’re politically pressed to develop hybrids by the U.S. market. If someone said that every car must be a hybrid, the car industry would be bankrupt quicker than anything else. Even Toyota would have problems if they had to produce hybrids in high volumes. But politically we have to do a certain amount of hybrids.

Comentó también acerca de la estrategia de VW respecto a la tecnología para reducir emisiones:

Wolfgang thinks VW will have have higher market share with clean diesels than hybrids in America because “people who drive a diesel never go back to gas.” Wolfgang also thinks there is too much emphasis on C02 and “saying that we should only drive small cars is like saying that we should all live in tiny apartments.” The interview ends with Wolfgang saying fuel cells won’t be an alternative for the next 30 years but gas will be around in 30 years.

Otras preguntas interesantes:

Is there too much emphasis on carbon-dioxide (CO2) emissions?
There is too much emphasis. Politically, it’s very popular to say that you’re going to ban cars that emit over 225g/km of carbon dioxide in London, but it won’t make any difference to the ambient atmosphere. It’s more important to make sure that all cars are fitted with particulate filters than to reduce the CO2.

Is hydrogen power the best long-term fuel solution?
Hydrogen only makes sense if it’s produced from a regenerative source. If you produce it from electrolysis, the efficiency is just 50 percent. We don’t know how to produce or transport it efficiently, which means that it’s better to use regenerative energy for other things. I don’t think it will be an alternative in the next 30 years. It doesn’t make sense.

Gas and diesel will still be around in 30 years’ time. Both will survive because we need to extract both the heavy and the light fuels to achieve the maximum efficiency from our oil. We have to use our energy in the best way.

Muy alemán pragmático el Sr. Hatz.

La entrevista completa aquí
La noticia aquí


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