Disputa de tráfico se torna violenta en Universidad China

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En la Universidad de Nankai en China hubo una *pequenia* disputa de tráfico cuando una seniora prepotente se enfrento a cientos (sino es que millones, recuerden que es China) de estudiantes.

A female student was bicycling down the right side of the street on her way back to the dormitory, and a Buick vehicle came along in the same direction. The two vastly different vehicles collided with each other, and the bicycle left a scratch of 20 to 30 millimeters on the car.

At that time, the female car owner got out of the vehicle angrily and demanded an apology from the student. Furthermore, an apology was not good enough because there had to be payment for damages. So the student called her teacher for assistance. By this time, many students had gathered around the scene and one of them asked the car owner: “Where do you come from? Why are you on our school campus?”

The woman said something that was provocative: “If I produce my identification document, you should be scared to death.”

So the students began to confront the car owner while refusing to listen to the police. The police pulled the car owner aside and began a discussion. But the elder brother of the car owner has shown up with some friends. They talked tough and they began shoving the students around! The students were infuriated and there was physical contact. But since the car owner is female, the students restrained themselves.

Then a male student tried to make scratch marks on the car. The brother of the car owner assaulted him and they also demanded that the police take him in. According to rumors, the male students was severely injured (note: it was very chaotic at the time).

Then we called 120 (note: emergency medical service) and an ambulance came to take the injured male student away. The elder brother of the car owner saw trouble coming and quietly sneaked away. This became the focus of the story later on.

The teachers who tried to intercede were dragged off. We asked the people on the other side to disperse, and then we overturned the car. The female car owner tried to stop us, but we dragged her off by force. The car was overturned and the chancellor still had not shown up.

Someone there said that he was from the Student Affairs Office, but the students told him to scram (and that applied to the teachers, security guards and police officers).

Then we broke all the windows on the car and nearly ripped the car doors out. It was quite a scene. But the car was solidly built as the front window never came off.

A student leader jumped on the car and tried to speak, but we couldn’t hear what he was saying. On one hand, his voice had gone hoarse from all the yelling. On the other hand, too many other people were yelling.

Then we Nankai University students got together and sang our school song! When the school song is sung, all Nankai people are united. Back then, the Japanese military bombed our campus but they could not destroy our unity!!! So this city bum couldn’t count for anything!!!!

El carro en cuestión quedó así

Que la Sra. de gracias que eso le pasó en China y no en Michoacán. En su primer indicio de prepotencia le hubieran vaciado varias AK-47.

La nota completa aquí 


2 Responses to “Disputa de tráfico se torna violenta en Universidad China”

  1. Paoli Says:

    Mmm… no alcanzo a distinguir que coche es, pero si nunca pudieron quitarle el parabrisas y es chino, pues tal vez no sean tan malos esos coches, no??

    Jejeje… lo se, le estoy echando mas lenia al fuego… pero no podia evitar el chascarrillo… 😛

  2. Carlos Says:

    No, no es un auto chino. Es un Buick, que igualmente es una porquería, pero ya vimos aquí que medio pasa el angry-students-test


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