Le llueve duro a la Macbook Air

17.01.2008 @ 11:06 \11\Thu, 17 Jan 2008 11:06:02 +0000\02 +0000 UTC

Ni siquiera está a la venta y ya la están criticando a más no poder. Aunque hay varios puntos muy interesantes.

Nuestro equipo de Gizmodo nos traen un post de lo que SONY piensa de la Macbook Air:

Mike Abary, senior vice president of VAIO product marketing, thought the engineering to get a laptop that thin was extremely impressive. But Sony had a similiar vision for an ultraportable once, a carbon fiber notebook in 2004 called the X505 (above) that eschewed the optical and was 0.3 inches thick (compared to 0.16 of the Air) at its thinnest segment. It wasn’t that well received, and research later pointed out that “Thinness is not the holy grail”. Making something that thin and sexy cost it too much usability.

But since the X505, ultra portables from Sony have evolved into the TZ, complete with LED backlight, a small but usable keyboard, plenty of ports and built in 3G data. So it is possible that Sony believes they are in many ways 4 years ahead of Apple in their understanding of what consumers want.

También en otro post nos ofrecen una comparativa de la competencia de la Macbook Air

Nuestro otro equipo de CrunchGear escribió un post donde describen por qué la Macbook Air es useless

Let’s start with the obvious: no optical drive. I don’t think I need to list the many things that are available in spinning disc format exclusively, and the idea that you should pack around an extra drive (however compact) or piggyback on someone else’s kind of defeats the purpose of having an “ultraportable” notebook.

Next, the processor. It’s fantastic that they’ve managed to micro-size the Core2 Duo, but for any kind of serious work — video and audio editing, watching HD video, playing games or emulating Vista for work

And the inputs. One USB, one Franken-DVI. Hope you like plugging and unplugging things! It says it’s built for the wireless world – yeah, okay, but that world is make-believe right now. Sure, you could bring a hub along, but this goes along with the earlier complaint: what’s the point of a mega-portable laptop if you have to bring along a whole support team?

There’s no doubt in my mind that a lot of people will buy this laptop, but its capabilities are really more in line with the Eee PC than a MacBook, and the Eee costs thousands less and actually is ultraportable.

En fin, como lo he dicho antes, no he visto la Macbook Air en vivo y puede que cuando la vea se me olvide todo. Pero creo que sí sacrificaron mucha funcionalidad solamente para poder meterla en un sobre



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