Salven a Windows XP

21.01.2008 @ 10:25 \10\Mon, 21 Jan 2008 10:25:13 +0000\13 +0000 UTC

Ese es el título de la petición en línea creada por InfoWorld que hasta ahora lleva 30,000 firmas.

An online petition conducted by InfoWorld has managed to collect over 30,000 signatures asking Microsoft to keep Windows XP available, the magazine has revealed today. Called just Save XP, the petition argues that Microsoft’s already extended June 30th cutoff point for sales of the 2001 operating system is still too short and that it should continue to sell “indefinitely,” according to the organizers. The publication points to a lack of clear benefits to upgrading to its Windows Vista successor as well as problems with the new OS, such as slower performance in Microsoft Office tests as well as the expense of upgrading established business networks to the updated software. Regardless of where the computers are used, the limitation to Vista-only sales by July will be arbitrary, the petition maker says.

Eso habal del “tremendo” éxito que está teniendo Vista!

Vista is further likened to the often criticized Windows Millennium Edition, which was released as a stopgap update between Windows 98 and XP but which is widely accepted as having provided little advantage over 98, prompting Microsoft to temporarily return the earlier software to market until conditions had improved.

La nota completa aquí


One Response to “Salven a Windows XP”

  1. Paoli Says:

    A ver, no… No entiendo!! Cómo es que si XP es el upgrade más exitoso de Windows (después del fiasco que resulto ser su predecesor el Vista) lo van a dejar de vender tan pronto??


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