La Peor recesión en USA en la era post-guerra

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Según los analistas la actual recesión de USA, que apenas está comenzando, pinta para ser la peor en la era post-guerra.

El día de hoy la reserva federal bajó las tasas de interés en un sorpresivo 0.75% cosa que no ocurría desde Agosto de 1982.

The Federal Reserve has cut interest rates to 3.5%, a shock three-quarters of a percentage point reduction.

Fighting to stave off recession in the world’s biggest economy, the decision comes after sharp stock market declines on Wall Street and around the globe.

The Fed said incoming information indicated a deepening of the US housing market slump and increased unemployment levels.

One analyst said the Fed was “obviously panicked” by the threat of recession.

“Unfortunately they have no power to reverse what in my opinion is the worst post-war recession,” said Michael Metz, chief investment strategist at Oppenheimer in New York.

The last two such emergency cuts were on 17 September 2001, shortly after the attacks of 11 September, and on 3 January 2001, in the wake of the dotcom bust.

Según los analistas la Reserva Federal hizo ese corte a las tasas debido a pánico. Ya sabemos que cuando los gringos se paniquean no toman las mejores decisiones…

“This is huge,” said the BBC’s business editor Robert Peston.

“And it is a big risk. If this doesn’t work, then people will say they have nothing left in their locker.”

Analyst Jeremy Stretch of Rabobank, described the Fed’s move as “a sign of panic”.

A todo esto hay que sumarle la crisis hipotecaria

The sharp downturn in the US economy has centred on the slump in the American housing market over the past year.

Against a backdrop of higher US mortgage rates, home loan defaults and repossessions hit record levels last year, specifically in the sub-prime sector.

This industry specialises in higher risk loans to people on low incomes or those with poor credit histories.

As the sub-prime mortgage sector hit crisis point, it triggered record losses at some of America’s largest banks.

Por supuesto mi mal karma lo estoy pagando con dinero, pues el valor de mis acciones no están muy bien que digamos

La nota completa aquí



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