Vuela en cueros

29.01.2008 @ 20:11 \08\Tue, 29 Jan 2008 20:11:43 +0000\43 +0000 UTC

Al parecer será posible hacer vuelos totalmente desnudo gracias a la nostalgia de los turistas de la ex-Alemania del Este (qué pues Paoli?).

Ah, pilotos y azafatas vuelan con ropa…

German holidaymakers will be able to indulge their love of naturism by taking to the skies nude on special flights being launched this year, a travel company said today.

“In the former East Germany, naturist holidays were a much-loved way of spending the best weeks of the year,” said the founder of, Enrico Hess.

“We want to make that freedom possible above the clouds too.”

The flights are aimed specifically at former East Germans, nicknamed “Ossis” in German, who feel nostalgic for the naturism that was authorised and extremely popular under communist rule.

The first nude flights will be a day-trip on July 5 between Erfurt in southeast Germany and the Baltic Sea island of Usedom, which is fringed by white sand beaches.

Tickets cost E499 ($A838) and there are just 50 seats on board the jet.

“All the passengers will fly naked, but they are only allowed to undress once they are in the plane. But then they will be able to enjoy the hour-long flight in the way God intended,” Hess said.

The pilot and the flight attendants will however keep their clothes on.

La nota aquí



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