NY: Se aceptan euros

08.02.2008 @ 13:08 \01\Fri, 08 Feb 2008 13:08:22 +0000\22 +0000 UTC

Así es, al parecer en NY se está aceptando el euro como moneda de pago en algunas tiendas porque los dueños la prefieren en lugar del dólar debido a su valor.

New York – Some merchants in New York have begun accepting the euro as currency, citing the ever-growing weakness of the dollar. While the stores are taking foreign currency, they’re still required to exchange it at the appropriate rate when deposited at their banks.

Since the dollar began dropping and the euro rising, coming to America for vacation, or in some cases just to shop, has turned into a boom for those New York merchants who’ve been savvy enough business owners to cash in on the rush.

But the euro isn’t the only currency finding its way into the hands of New Yorkers. Canadian and British tourists are pouring into the Big Apple as well. During the holiday shopping season, there were hundreds of Britons arriving in New York just to shop on a daily basis and their level of visits didn’t stop after the holidays either. Here, they could buy goods for less than fifty pence to the dollar, or in our language, a half buck bought a dollar’s worth of goods.

En la TV ví el reportaje donde entrevistaban a uno de los comerciantes y decía “for them (los europeos) we are like a third world country”…

La noticia aquí



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