Blu-ray vs HD-DVD: tenemos un ganador

18.02.2008 @ 11:07 \11\Mon, 18 Feb 2008 11:07:04 +0000\04 +0000 UTC

Y el ganador es: Blu-ray.

Si fueron tan ingenuos como para comprar HD-DVD véndanlos a alguien aún más ingenuo y desinformado ahorita que la noticia no se ha esparcido del todo.

Previous reports that Toshiba will end its efforts in HD DVD are accurate, according to a report by Japanese broadcaster NHK as well as additional sources. The electronics maker is poised to both stop future development as well as ramp down manufacturing of HD DVD players, recorders, and PC drives. The move will be one of Toshiba’s costliest to date and should cost hundreds of millions of dollars, according to the Japan press outlet. Toshiba has not responded to the claims, though sources have suggested an official announcement will be made soon.

If accurate, the end to HD DVD will represent one of the quickest ever for competing formats and will effectively hand the entire HD movie format war to its chief opponent, Blu-ray. The rapid fall began with movie studio Warner Bros.’ plan to drop HD DVD just before the Consumer Electronics Show in January, which handed a clear majority of HD movies to Blu-ray and forced the HD DVD Promotional Group to cancel its keynote presentation for the event. The shift led to a sustained marketshare lead for Blu-ray almost immediately afterwards and spurred several independent studios to echo Warner’s Blu-ray only policy.

La nota completa aquí


2 Responses to “Blu-ray vs HD-DVD: tenemos un ganador”

  1. juanjorc Says:

    Pues ya es oficial según esta nota:

    PD. Creo que la escribió un arabe, por el título.

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