Otra prueba de la eficiencia del Diesel

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Ya he publicado otros post acerca de la eficiencia del Diesel respecto a los autos híbridos (e incluso autos con motores de Ethanol) o acerca de la historia de los autos híbridos así como también uno que otro post acerca de autos híbridos ineficientes y otros que hablan respecto a la política que hay detrás de la producción de autos híbridos

Pues ahora para rematar encontré un artículo de un blog de la revsita MotorTrend acerca del Audi A3 1.9 TDI. En el cual la prensa gringa descubre el hilo negro de la eficiencia (por fin!)

It’s become something or an article of faith among the mainstream media in this country that the only environmentally friendly automobile is Toyota’s Prius. True, the Prius and its fiendishly complicated and expensive hybrid powertrain is an innovative piece – innovative and accomplished enough, in fact, to be named our 2004 Car of the Year. But I’ve just spent the past five days in a car that not only trumps the Toyota for driver appeal, but arguably does a better job of saving the planet.

On a 48.5mile run to London’s Heathrow Airport around the jammed M25, one of Europe’s busiest freeways, I averaged an impressive 50.5mpg in the sort of bumper-to-bumper stop-start traffic you find on the 405 here in LA every day. Flicking through the A3’s trip computer at the end of my drive, I found the car had averaged 42.6mpg over the last 1454miles at an average speed of 51.2mph. By contrast, our long term Prius never managed better than 47mpg between refills, and averaged 41.6mpg over 22,278 miles, most of which were on LA freeways.

With just 103hp, 1.9 TDIe is the least powerful of the three turbodiesel fours offered in the A3 (the others, both 2.0-liter versions, have 138hp and 167hp). On paper, the A3 1.9 TDIe’s performance is modest, with a top speed of just 116mph, with the 0-60mph sprint taking about 11.5sec. But on the road, the little Audi is a delight to drive; a much more entertaining and rewarding econocar than the antiseptic Prius.

The secret is the little diesel’s torque – 184lb-ft at just 1900rpm – plus a cleverly spaced set of ratios in the slick-shifting five speed transmission, great steering, and a nimble chassis. On the tight English backroads this combo means you can maintain a relatively high average speed by merely surfing the torque and not working the engine hard.

Con el A3 el tanque te dura hasta 700 millas (1,120 kms aprox).

What’s more, the little Audi’s freeway manners are so good, it would make a great long distance cruiser, easily capable of eating the miles on the Interstates across Wyoming, Texas or Montana in giant, loping strides. Because you can expect to go 650-700 miles between fuel stops you’ll make better time than almost anything else on the road.

The Prius is a car that does its best work standing still in traffic, when the gas engine shuts down. It’s not quite as efficient as the Audi in almost any other operating condition, especially freeway cruising, and it’s nowhere near as much fun to drive.

So, Toyota hybrid or Audi diesel? If you like driving, and really want to cut your carbon footprint, it’s a no-brainer.

El artículo aquí


4 Responses to “Otra prueba de la eficiencia del Diesel”

  1. juanjorc Says:

    (imaginense la música y que el rayo láser que acaban de crear los gringows les cayó directito a la cabeza en forma de iluminación divina)

    Aunque lo ideal sería que se hiciera una buena campaña al respecto.

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