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En este loco mundo en el que lo único que falta es que el infierno se congele o que el Atlas sea campeón (es más probable que suceda lo primero) ya no es tan sorprendente noticias como esta:

Long-time Microsoft Windows supporter IBM has recently initiated an internal pilot program to study the possibility of moving a significant number of its employees to Apple’s Mac platform, leaked company documents show.

The first phase of the pilot program is said to have run from October 2007 through January 2008, in which 24 MacBook Pros were distributed to researchers at different sites within the company’s research division.

In the documents obtained by Roughly Drafted, the former PC-maker outlined a series of reasons for evaluating Apple notebooks as a replacement for the Windows-based ThinkPads currently used inside the company.

Specifically, it said Macs are less prone to security issues, are widely used in the academic world with which IBM Research has close ties, and that many new company hires have said they’re more comfortable with Macs and would like to use them as opposed to their ThinkPads.

Of the 22 of 24 who responded, Roughly Drafted reported that 18 said that the Mac offered a “better or best experience” compared to their existing computer, one rated it “equal or good,” and three said the Mac offered a “worse experience.” Seven reported having no or marginal prior knowledge of using Macs, while 15 said they had moderate or expert knowledge of the platform.

However, when asked if they would rather keep their MacBook Pro or return to using their familiar ThinkPad, only three chose the ThinkPad; the rest decided to keep the Mac notebook and obtain VMWare Fusion licenses to run Windows when necessary.

I commend IBM on taking this bold step in providing an alternative to Windows,” one employee said following the initial evaluation period. “It will definitely allow us to think different.”

Y claro, Microsoft también aportó su granito de arena:

Said another: “I have been a true PC stalwart for 2+ decades, but after trying Vista, I’m ready for a change.”

Mac@IBM es una de las comunidades con mayor crecimiento en IBM:

According to Roughly Drafted, IBM’s internal “Mac@IBM” website references an official group for Mac users within the company’s walls comprised of over 930 members in 26 countries. It’s described as “one of the largest and fastest growing communities within IBM.”

La fuente del artículo aquí.

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3 Responses to “Mac @ IBM”

  1. rpina1 Says:

    Yo estaba inscrito en ese grupo de “Mac @ IBM”, pero supongo que no me hubiera tocado nada en la repartición de Macs…

    JA!.. si ni siquiera me dieron Thinkpad….esas eran para los burgueses con puestos fijos y prestaciones.

  2. Paoli Says:

    Si, es mas probable que el invierno se congele… pero el cambio climatico esta fuerte, asi que fans del Atlas, no pierdan las esperanzas… 😛


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