An elephant never forgets? George W. Bush’s lost e-mails

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Pongan de fondo la canción de Britney: Ups I did it again.

Resulta ser que este tipejo de ideas cortas, se comió toda la publicidad de Microsoft y decidió cambiar el eficiente sistema Lotus Notes de archivado de emails por Exchange y Outlook, o sea, no la chinfles que es cantada.

In 1994, the Clinton administration reacted to the previous year’s court decision by rolling out an automated e-mail-archiving system to work with the Lotus-Notes-based e-mail software that was in use at the time. The system automatically categorized e-mails based on the requirements of the FRA and PRA, and it included safeguards to ensure that e-mails were not deliberately or unintentionally altered or deleted.

Hasta aqui vamos bien, pero luego llega este monkiki y:

When the Bush administration took office, it decided to replace the Lotus Notes-based e-mail system used under the Clinton Administration with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange. The transition broke compatibility with the old archiving system, and the White House IT shop did not immediately have a new one to put in its place.

Y vean la genialidad de esta decisión:

Instead, the White House has instituted a comically primitive system called “journaling,” in which (to quote from a recent Congressional report) “a White House staffer or contractor would collect from a ‘journal’ e-mail folder in the Microsoft Exchange system copies of e-mails sent and received by White House employees.” These would be manually named and saved as “.pst” files on White House servers.

Para cerrar con broche de oro, El sello de la casa Microsoft:

Even more troubling, due to a lack of redundancy and proper access controls, anyone with access to the White House servers could have tampered with or deleted the e-mails in the archives. And without adequate logging facilities, there might be no way to determine who might have tampered with the files or what might have been changed.

Podría pasar como un success story de Notes vs Exchange. No cabe duda de que los hay los hay. Comically primitive son dos adjetivos que han caracterizado la mentada administración.

Artículo completo aqui



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