Mamografías generadas por tarjetas de video

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Se me hizo interesante la siguiente nota porque es un uso bastante bueno y práctico para el poder de procesamiento que se encuentra en las tarjetas de video actuales. Los que son hardcore pc gamers compran / arman pcs con hasta 4 tarjetas de video (comúnmente de la familia Nvidia 8800) y sus PSUs son de 1Kw como mínimo todo con el fin de correr juegos como Crysis a resolución completa. Ahora bien, la compañía TechniScan Medical Systems usa el poder de procesamiento de dichas tarjetas de video para procesar la salida del ultrasonido y hacer una mamografía:

TechniScan Medical Systems says it has developed GPU-assisted technology called UltraSoundCT, which uses ultrasound to scan a breast. For a patient, this approach is much more comfortable than a mammogram, since there is no ionization radiation and no need for the compression of a breast. On the technology side, UltraSoundCT produce two unique images of the breast; one based on the speed of sound and one based on the attenuation of sound.

The computer system uses four GeForce 8-series graphics cards to produce coronal image slices of the breast that will be exported in DICOM 3.0 format as well as full 3D views of a breast. TechniScan says that it takes just 20 minutes to render the images, compared to several hours that would be required on a CPU. According to the company, the ultrasound scan can prove be more effective in cases of dense breasts. Radiologists of a local Chicago hospital told TG Daily that they would also prefer to use this system over a mammogram if a patient has breast implants – which decrease the likelihood the lumps are detected.

“Mammography continues to be the industry standard for general breast cancer screening. However, a number of studies, including one national multicenter study sponsored by the National Cancer Institute and the Avon Foundation through the American College of Radiology Imaging Network (ACRIN), are underway to study the role of ultrasound in screening for breast cancer. These studies are evaluating whether breast ultrasound is a comparable, and in some cases, a preferable breast screening modality for women with dense breasts and at high risk for breast cancer,” TechniScan states on its website.

La nota viene de aquí.



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