91% de los japoneses no comprarán un iPhone

18.06.2008 @ 18:14 \06\Wed, 18 Jun 2008 18:14:29 +0000\29 +0000 UTC

Los taka-takas no tienen mucho interés en comrpar un iPhone de acuerdo a una encuesta realizada por iShare.

Of the Japanese adults polled, 91 percent say they have no plans to buy the device when it becomes available on July 11th. Of the remaining nine percent, nearly all (8.9 percent of the total) said they planned to purchase the device. Slightly under half of these are users already signed up for SoftBank, the carrier picked for the initial Japanese launch.

Los taka-taka son conocidos por ser algo escépticos en cuanto a teléfonos móviles extranjeros se refiere. Sobretodo porque los teléfonos japoneses disponibles en ese país tienen características únicas.

Japan has been historically resistant to adopting non-native phones both due to network limitations and for technological preferences. Japanese networks require 3G cellular service both for calls and data, excluding many 2G-only phones altogether; most media-intensive phones in the country also focus on services such as the Japan-only 1Seg digital TV standard as well as very high resolution (800×480) displays, neither of which will be available with first-run iPhone 3G models.

cheken-nota-aki (en japonés significa: chequen la noticia aquí)



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