Changing the world?

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Usually this blog is written in spanish, but this one is intentionally written in english in an attempt to get more feedback by reaching more readers.

Now, to the topic of this post. Why is it that people, specially the ones who live in Silicon Valley, tend to say “this technology” or “this product” will change the world?

It was there in SV where the PC was born and I am a living witness that the PC did really change the world in many ways. But that was a few decades ago.

Now it seems that the phrase “change the world” is deliberately being used to describe every technology or product emerging from SV.

Let’s take the iPod for example. I have one and I like it. It certainly revolutionazed the mp3 player business and revolution implies change, a radical one indeed. I think, however, the role of the mp3 format had a deeper impact in the music business than the iPod itself. Either way I don’t think the iPod has changed the world. Not at least in the way the PC has done it. Not at least in the way an AIDS-vaccine would do it or the recent discoveries in genetics will do it.

For me a change means something deeper. To change the world means really to change the whole world (by whole world I mean not only USA). I don’t think an iPod has changed lives in Africa for instance, as I don’t think “technologies” like Twitter or Facebook are changing the world. They are nice applications. they can be used as alternative tools to communicate with people you care of, but that’s all. Of course, there are people out there who say that thanks Twitter they have access to first-hand information but, as I said, it is another communication tool and that, getting information, is its main purpose.

I don’t believe a congressman using twitter is going to change the world either. It is nice to have such a communication channel but is nothing too big to make a change in THE world. Besides, I don’t think Twitter will spread in such a way that ever congressman will use it.

I think the iPhone will change the mobile business but not THE world. It seems many people are impressed by the fact that the iPhone will have 3G. It is a feature that was missing from the very beginning. The new iPhone doesn’t have the features people wanted it, like video conferencing or video recording, it has the features that were missing in version one.

I think, the world “change” has been really squandered and it has lost its meaning. One thing is to say that one product has changed your world and other thing is to say that one product has changed THE world.

It seems the phrase “change the world” is either overrated by me or it has actually  lost sense. It may also be that people are feeling a desperate urge to change the world so strong that they think the next thing they do will actually change it.

Of course, it can be the case that I am failing to notice the full potential of the examples mentioned above. But right now I just don’t see how they can change the world.

10 Responses to “Changing the world?”

  1. Homar Says:

    Somehow Carlos is releasing his frustration of Germany losing the Eurocup, on the SV Guys.

    All right, this technology won’t change the world but its a good marketing thing

  2. Carlos Says:

    I don’t need that Germany loses something to be frustrated with the SV Guys 😉

  3. dnl Says:

    If you consider mobile phones as something that has changed the world, then the iPhone could have a feet on the right direction bringing internet to everyone in a far future the same way mobile phones brought voice communication to the masses. Certainly it will probably not be the iPhone itself the internet phone that will be in hands of poor people in Africa, but somehow is putting the basis for that.

  4. rpina1 Says:

    I seem to recall here one gadget that was supposed to change the world also…..”Segway” was its name I believe.

    But then again, let us not forget that by “the world” these people usually mean: “the US”.

  5. Carlos Says:

    But the iphone itself didn’t bring internet to everyone. It actually made it very easy for everybody to access the internet, but it was not the device that put the internet in everyone’s hands.

    And yes, you can say that if something is difficult to use, then the regular user won’t use it. But, as you know me, I am a little bit relentless with these kind of issues.

    And if the poor people in Africa have ever a mobile phone, I hope it is because the primary needs are already fulfilled

  6. Paoli Says:

    Yeah, I think they have probably cheapened the meaning of the phrase “changing the world” in order to cause a bigger impact on people than by just saying “changing the way people communicate”… “when they have the necessary means”… And also the way people can make fun of other people 😛

    Gotta love blogging….

  7. Manuel Says:

    My post will change the world.

    If we use as an example the term “butterfly effect” based in Chaos Theory, every simple thing in our lives changes the world. So from that point of view the Iphone changed the world.

  8. Carlos Says:

    I do not know why, but I was already seeing that coming


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