GM y Opel

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Pues con la bancarrota a la vuelta de la esquina para GM (muchos dicen que va a quebrar incluso antes de que Obama tome el poder) hay una disputa sobre qué hacer con Opel.

El “problema” con Opel es que es de las pocas subsidiarias que le generan dinero a GM. Además, los centros de investigación para todos los modelos de GM están en Alemania. Es más, GM le debe dinero a Opel.

General Motors is burning cash so fast that it is likely to go bankrupt before the inauguration of Barack Obama as US president in January, but its Opel division in Germany, known as Vauxhall in the UK, is still liquid. Opel’s mid-size Insignia was even voted as 2009 European car of the year by the trade press.

GM and Opel have been bound together ever since Adam Opel’s heirs sold what was then Germany’s biggest carmaker for the princely sum of $33 million (26 million euros) during the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Last week, a GM spokesman in the US told AFP news agency told that “Opel is not for sale.”

But, GM’s Zurich-based European works council head Klaus Franz told reporters “GM won’t let us go,” explaining that Opel’s R & D center in Ruesselsheim, which develops an entire range of GM models, is too valuable for the parent company.  

Franz had even gone on to say that GM owed Opel over one billion euros in cash, the same amount Opel seeks from a German government bailout. Should GM fail, Berlin has been asked to guarantee loans of up to one billion euros for 2009.

“The problem is that Opel still makes money for GM,” said Stuermer, who believes that GM could be prepared to let go of one of its more prized assets if the price was right.

Shortly after Asbeck publicised his offer last Wednesday, 1,000 Opel dealers banded together to propose a buyout. The problem is that those franchises are struggling financially themselves, according to Stuermer.

Más via Deutsche Welle



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