iPhone quad-core

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Así es, no está mal el título del post.

Según ZDnet los próximos iPhones podrían traer un procesador multi-core con acelerador de GPU.

El procesador llamado PowerVR SGX543 de la empresa Imagination Technologies fue presentado hoy en el CES.

Apple ha invertido en esa companía y de hecho el iPhone actual usa un procesador de ellos.

Aquí un extracto del artículo de TGDaily al respecto:

the shader performance has been increased by about 40% and that the GPU delivers about 2.5x the image processing performance of an ARM Cortex-8 CPU and outperforms the a 600 MHz ARM chip in some traditional CPU benchmarks with a 100 MHz design.

According to Imagination, one core delivers a performance of 35 million polygons per second and a fill rate of 1 Gigapixel per second at 200 MHz.

While Imagination declined to comment on speculation whether this may be hardware Apple is currently working with, it seems to be a conclusive thought that the chip may end up in a future iPhone or iPod. The iPhone 3G uses a “light” PowerVR MBX design, the predecessor of the current PowerVR SGX, and represents the least capable graphics engine Imagination offers for licensing at this time. The 543 could lift the iPhone into a whole new gaming category, but graphics capability may not be the most interesting feature of this chip: It supports GPGPU acceleration via OpenCL as well.

The company said that potential GPGPU applications could include print capability (if you think about it, there is no print feature in current smartphones, due to the fact that there is no print processor) as well as much more advanced features such as the ability to scan and fax a document – or parking assistants in automotive applications.

Pero no lo esperen muy pronto. Se espera que los productos (el posible iPhone) que salgan al mercado con este procesador salgan en unos 18 meses ya que apenas se acaba de dar el licenciamiento del disenio de éste.


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