QoW Octubre 5 – 10 2009

05.10.2009 @ 14:38 \02\Mon, 05 Oct 2009 14:38:02 +0000\02 +0000 UTC


Honey, I eavesdrop because I care. – Monica Geller


if you’ve had a relationship with someone and you try to become friends afterwards, it’s very difficult. It’s hard. Because, you know each other so well, you know all of each others tricks. It’s like two magicians, trying to entertain each other. The one goes, “Look, a rabbit.” The other goes, “So? I believe this is your card.” “Look, why don’t we just saw each other in half and call it a night?, Okay?” – Seinfeld

Will & Grace

That’s just another one of those buzz words that people throw around that don’t really mean anything like “maternal” or “addiction.” – Karen


“Since thirty, I’ve had to put a daily limit on facial expressions. I only ever smile at single men so I can justify the loss of elasticity. ” – Sally


“Tell people what ? ”
“Tell people what ? ”
“Tell people what ? ”
“Tell people what ? ”
– Barney

Big Bang Theory

Oh, and one more thing, it’s on bitch. – Sheldon

Two and a Half Men

One brother turns ‘em gay, the other turns ‘em guy. Bertha




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